A critical decision. To sell your life’s work is a serious undertaking. Besides getting paid the right amount you want the company to end up in safe hands.

What is Springlake Invest?

Springlake Invest AB is an investment trust company that works with acquisition and long-term development of companies with a turnover of around 40-200 million SEK – primarily within industry, trade and some service sectors.

Springlake was founded in 2004 by Jonas Liljenberg and Jesper Otterbeck.

Springlake is mainly focused on two types of companies:

  • Family businesses facing generational shifts or where the owner wants to acquire an active partner to bring the company into the/its next stage of development.
  • Affiliate companies/subsidiaries of a larger corporate group that no longer fit into the future strategy/future corporate strategy.

Springlake only invests with the intention to work on a long-term basis with the companies and further develop the business. On this account Springlake differs substantially from venture capital companies that acquire new businesses with the intention to sell them again within 3-5 years.

In order to have the opportunity to develop and work with a long-term plan we primarily acquire majority holdings in companies, but we also work as partners in/with a 50/50 ownership.

Springlake’s policy/principle is to act as “active owners” through the board and not intervene with the company’s operational management. We work with a network of people with a range of specific qualifications/competence/knowledge that can participate/contribute in the board work or act as consultants or advisors.

How does Springlake finance its business?

Springlake operates with private funds, meaning money coming from the owners and from a network of individuals with financial assets.

Private capital/funds as a source of funding is an important basis for being able to work with long-term development of the companies we invest in. With our “own money” we don’t have any requirements to pay back/refund the capital/funds within a few years by reselling the companies.

Springlake also has a close relation with several/a number of banks that help us finance our acquisitions.